Dowi Hosiery Mills | Darlington and Exped Socks

About the Client

For four decades, its trademark brands: Darlington and Exped Socks became well known nationwide for quality, comfort and durability, thus obtained a highly regarded name in the socks manufacturing industry.

Link to Website:

Website Features

 Contact form for inquiries and suggestions
 Shopee and Lazada links
 GDPR compliance for website
 Tabulated Stores finder
 On-site search feature for products
Product catalog of Darlington and Exped Socks

Target Audience

N Potential wholesalers
N Retailers
N Shoppers

Website Details

   Online Product Catalog

A carefully categorized collection of Darlington and Exped Socks with searchability in mind. This was designed so that potential wholesalers would easily locate products they are interested in ordering from the client.

  Where to Buy

An ever growing number of stores carrying the client’s brands have been tabulated into a stores finder for potential retailers and clients to be able to avail nationwide.

 Consersion in Mind

One of the website’s primary objectives is to drive traffic into its online stores in the form of Lazada and Shopee. Therefore buttons to those two external shops are prevalent within every page.

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